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to the Mid-Atlantic Jeepers home on the World Wide Web. We are a group of Jeep enthusiasts who have come together to form a club. Our interests are in trail riding, camping, vehicle modifications, community support, joining with other organizations in the fight to keep public lands open, and educating ourselves and others in proper trail etiquette and the ideas of Tread Lightly!  If you are one of the tear-it-up crowd, don't bother trying to join us. We welcome those who want to enjoy four wheeling with their Jeep in a safe and responsible manner, and that are willing to help have a positive impact on their local community and environment.

We sponsor trail rides and other events throughout the year. We love to trail ride and can accommodate stock to modified vehicles on all trails that we go on.  Many of our members also participate in other events such as Big Dog Production events, V4WDA runs, and many non-sponsored trail rides. We have numerous install/maintenance parties throughout the year.  Our goal is to get involved with our local community to help foster an understanding of the true nature of the responsible fourwheeler.

MAJ Active member  membership includes a membership in the Virginia 4 Wheel Drive Association, and the United Four Wheel Drive Association. We support the ideals of Tread Lightly!

It is very important to get involved now in the fight to protect our hobby. The best way to do so is to join an organized club. This way you will stay informed on pending legal issues which affect our pastime and how to help keep our hobby legal. So even if you don't join MAJ, please consider joining another club. You can also join the V4WDA or the UFWDA as an individual and help make a difference.

Thank you,

Don Hudson
President, Mid-Atlantic Jeepers

Mid-Atlantic Jeepers
P.O. Box 2157
Glen Allen, VA 23058