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Minutes from September 13, 2003 MAJ Meeting

This month's meeting was held at Sammy Samuels' house. The meeting started at approximately 6:45 pm. Four members, one applicant, and one guest/prospective applicant attended the meeting.

President's Report:
Don was unable to attend the meeting.

Vice President's Report:
Hunter was unable to attend the meeting.

Treasurer's Report:
Lee was unable to attend the meeting.

Secretary's Report:
With such limited attendance, Sammy quickly discussed that the Quadratec website was making money. Terry asked Sammy to send him the code for the link so he could add it to his website as well.
We also discussed the membership requirements for the applicants and guests.

Land Use Officer's Report:
Nothing to report.

Board Member Reports:
Nothing to report.

Meeting was closed at approximately 7:00 p.m. Afterwards the group had dinner at the Bungalow Grill.