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Minutes from November 8, 2003 MAJ Meeting


Don Hudson opened the meeting at 6:345 p.m.  This months meeting was held at Pete and Elizabeth’s House.  Thirteen active members, and three applicants attended the meeting.  Following are the details from the meeting.


President’s Report:


Vice President’s Report:


Treasurer’s Report:


Secretary’s Report:


Land Use Officer’s Report:


Board Member Reports:


Election Results:


Meeting was closed at 7:53 p.m.  Next months meeting will be held after the “Toys for Tots” run.  Install Party will be at Cory and Cindy’s house starting at 9am.  Everyone else, meet at Cory and Cindy’s house at 3 pm for the toy run.  After the toy run, the meeting and dinner will be held at Pietro’s Pizza.