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Minutes from February 9, 2002 MAJ Meeting

Taco called the meeting to order on the Shoe Creek Trail around 1:30PM.  There were 14 active members, three supporting members, 1 distant member, and nine applicants/guests in attendance.

President’s Report:

TimT our Prez was not able to attend the ride, so Dale (a.k.a. Taco) ran the meeting.  Taco discussed that committees and/or volunteers are VERY MUCH needed to assist with our MAJ website, trip planning and events.  He asked than anybody interested email him ASAP.  As he put it, this is “our” club…get involved so we can make things happen!

 As many have noticed, our website needs updating IMMEDIATELY.  Also, it has been suggested to include a “calendar of events” on the website.

 Taco announced to the group that we are in need of a PO Box and since there were not enough members present for a quorum, the BOD would make the decision and announce the outcome at the next meeting.

 Additionally, if we move our web pages to a new server, there will be an annual fee of approximately $60 required.  Since a quorum of voting members was not present, that discussion will need to be revisited at the next MAJ meeting and we agreed that the BOD would discuss it further.  Pete offered to put up the money, as long as MAJ could reimburse him.  However, again, a quorum is REQUIRED to spend more than $50.

 Vice President’s Report:

 None, as Taco chaired the meeting, his comments are under the President’s Report (above).

 Treasurer’s Report:

 Lee reported that there are two outstanding checks that have not cleared out bank account from last year (March 01 and May 01) that MAJ wrote to VA4WD for memberships.  He cannot close the MAJ books until this matter is resolved.  The total for both checks is $260.  Lee will speak with the bank to find out what our options are and report at the next meeting.

 Lee also reminded EVERYONE that MAJ membership dues are DUE NOW!!!!  If he doesn’t receive a check by 3/1/02, names will be removed from the membership roster.  Send your check in NOW!

 Secretary’s Report:

 Melissa asked everyone to be sure and sign the attendance sheet going around.

 Board Member Reports

 Pete had nothing to report.

 Brian had nothing to report.

 Chris was not present at the meeting.

 Hunter reminded everyone that Big Dogs events are rapidly approaching.  We discussed the various events and the cost for those events.  Taco reiterated that Big Dogs is some of the FINEST wheelin on the East Coast and to sign up!!!  You can check out: for dates and details.

 Hunter also reminded everyone that March 16th is CASINO NIGHT.  This event will take place at the Sandstone Community Center near the RIC Airport.  Since we did not have a quorum to vote, the BOD decided that we would take a vote regarding spending $50 to sponsor a truck and $50 to sponsor a table at Casino Night.

 Matt – Activity Coordinator

 Matt announced that the Trip Committee is considering the following dates for MAJ events.  March—meeting might be moved to  3/16 so that folks can come and do the MAJ meeting AND Casino Night.   April, Big Dogs Icebreaker; May—either the first or second weekend, MAJ Spring Fling at Uwharrie; June—Big Dogs (the BOD will discuss whether this will be a “sanctioned” MAJ meeting; July—Tellico; August—Hatteras; September—Big Dogs; October—Fall Fest, location to be discussed.

 At this time, Matt is seeking input and advice.  Otherwise, he will work with the  BOD to make final determinations and planning.  ALL dates WILL BE up on the “new and improved” MAJ website as soon as possible.

 Meeting was adjourned around 2:30PM and we headed over to the “Rock Garden” at Shoe Creek to watch the “UGLY JEEPS” play on the rocks.  J