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Minutes from April 13, 2002 MAJ Meeting

Meeting was held at the Hopewell Community Center in the parking lot.  Was a quick meeting, attended by 16 active members, 3 applicants/guests.

President’s Report:

TimT opened the meeting at around 6:50PM.  Tim announced that Don Hudson would be the only nominee for Vice President.   Two other members were approached, but declined due to commitment overload.  As always, there WILL BE space on the ballot for a write-in candidate.  There were TWO motions for changes to the by-laws (see Hunter’s report in these minutes).  Voting (by ballot) will be held at the UWharrie Trail Ride/Meeting on May 18, 2002.

Tim asked everyone to please check out the new website: and let him know your thoughts and suggestions.  Also, Tim asked that we look over the “events list” area in particular.

Vice President’s Report:

None, as we currently have a vacancy for VP.  Don Hudson is on the ballot for the new VP.  YOU MUST BE PRESENT at UWharrie in May to vote.  Voting will take place by ballot on the trail.

Treasurer’s Report:

Lee was not able to attend the meeting so we did not have a treasurer’s report.

Secretary’s Report:

Melissa asked everyone to be sure and sign the attendance sheet going around.

Board Member Reports:

Pete reported that some folks had found a new place locally to play around—near Three Chopt and Cox.  Get in touch with him for specifics.

Brian had nothing to report.

Chris asked for folks to send in PICTURES for the member rides and Jeep of the Month on the web page.

Hunter made a motion to decrease a “quorum” from 13 to nine.  There have been a few meetings now where decisions needed to be made and we didn’t have a quorum.  Pete and Brian seconded the motion.  Therefore, this will be on our ballot at Uwharrie also.

Hunter also made a motion to change the by-laws so that they read “Active members MUST attend one out of three MAJ events to remain active.  There are currently three MAJ events:  Spring Fling, Summer Slam and Fall Fest (even though Big Dogs is considered a MAJ event, it is not an “officially sponsored” MAJ event).  Melissa seconded the motion.  This will also be on the ballot at Uwharrie.

Matt – Activity Coordinator

Matt announced our Spring Fling will be held at Uwharrie.  May 17-19.  Here are two url’s to check out: (a MAP)

We will be staying at the Badin Lake Campground (Tent or Trailer) where they have water, showers, pay phone, a lake etc.  Fees to camp are $8.00/day.  Please let Matt know ASAP if you are planning to attend.  His email address is:

New Business

Tasha suggested that Lee’s wife Michelle, might be willing to help out on our web site.  TimT agreed to email her and ask.

Tasha volunteered to cook for the troops at Uwharrie, as she did at Big Dogs.  Fare will be CHILI!  She will need volunteers to bring cans of beans and tomatoes as well as crackers and cheese. 

Someone (sorry, I didn’t write down who) suggested that we have someone volunteer to write up “Trip Reports” for our web site.  Anybody??  Also, someone mentioned that the photopoint site is now back up and for $25 you can get your “OLD” pictures back.  They are now under new ownership and evidently have access to the old photopoint servers.  HEY MIKE J.

Doug passed out a flyer for a wheeling spot in Tennessee.  See the following URL for details: when you have a few minutes.

Doug announced that he has a family member that can do MAJ hats for us.  He will investigate prices, timeframes, minimum orders and whether T-shirts could be done. 

Meeting was adjourned around 7:10PM and we headed over to a local Mexican place for eats.  Hope to see you all at UWharrie next month!!! J



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