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Minutes from November 10, 2001 MAJ Meeting

Cory called the meeting to order sometime around 6:40 PM. This months meeting took place at the Hopewell Community Center. We had 28 active members, 3 supporting members and 10 guests in attendance. Following are the details from the meeting.

*Election Results*

Congrats to the following MAJ Officers for the 2001-2002 year:

President: Tim Tsutsumi (yes even AFTER the TimT for Prez pic on the web, he won)
Vice President: Dale (a.k.a. Taco) Willett
Treasurer: Lee Perkins
Secretary: Melissa Linton
Land Use Officer: Pete Kofira
BOD Members: Brian Phillips, Hunter Lyng and Chris Hovey

Presidents Report by Cory:

Cory welcomed several guests and asked them to introduce themselves; Matt Drake, Ron Paquette, George Ichnoski, Doug Farrar, William & Gayle Troutman, Tommy & Melody Gehring, Diane Moore and Paul Schiere. Guests please excuse any misspellings we couldnt make out some of the names on the sign-in sheet.

Cory asked Melissa to call roll of all Active Members. Aja and Whitney distributed election ballots to each Active Member during the roll call.

Cory announced the following upcoming event:

Paragon is offering some discounted trail rides. December 1-2, 2001, $35 per driver and $5 per passenger. Check out for more info.

We had more discussion about the Toys for Tots program this year. Pete K. is still working hard to try and get Haynes to help do some sponsoring AND find a location. He is working out logistics nowmore info as it becomes available.

The topic of a Holiday Party was revisited. Cory had asked Brian at the last meeting to check with Tasha (as a member of the MAJ Social Committee) if she would be willing to investigate this. UPDATE: Brian spaced speaking with Tasha. But he will. Also, we asked that Deb look into this as well.

John Gonyo is selling off the remaining stock of his SUPERFLATORs. The cost is $90, which according to several others is LESS EXPENSIVE than buying the parts and assembling one yourself. Email John at for more information.

Ballots were then collected and Cory turned the meeting over to Tim. Cory, Jimmy and Cindy then proceeded to tally the votes.

Vice Presidents Report by Tim:

Tim was approved as a member of SEMA (Specialty Equipment Manufacturing Association) to be a local contact for information relating to four wheel drive laws, specialty equipment and the like. Congrats Tim!

Treasurers Report by Jimmy:

Jimmy reported that the club has $266.93 in the account. VA4WD has not cashed our membership checks sent to them in both March and May. TimT will speak with Chris Boucher about this. Jimmy mentioned the need to get together with the next Treasurer ASAP to hand of the appropriate items.

Secretarys Report by Melissa:

Melissa asked everyone to be sure to sign the attendance sheet.

Land Use Officer's Report by Cindy:

Cindy reported that Utah Shared Access Alliance (USA-ALL), Utahs largest public lands advocacy group, filed a lawsuit against the BLM. The lawsuit focused on the BLMs failure to amend their management plans according to law. The intent is to require the BLM to follow the law when amending public land management plans.

The Blue Ribbon Coalition Political Action Committee has been formed. The BRC PAC will be a separate segregated fund, and 100% of the contributions to it will be dedicated to political action. The BRC PAC will be able to endorse and contribute to political candidates who support our recreation access agenda. Carla Boucher will be one of the lawyers on the BRC PAC.

Lastly, Cindy received a letter from the Boulder County Commissioners in response to a letter she sent on behalf of CORVA (Colorado Off Road Vehicle Association). They have concluded that there is no reason to reopen the far north end of County Road 87. It is still open to non-motorized use for the enjoyment of Forest Service land.

Board Member Reports:

Matt thanked everyone who attended MAJ Fall Fest 01 in Uwharrie. We had a great time, and we are considering going back in the Spring. Everyone agreed that the wheeling in Uwharrie would be OUTSTANDING if it was wet. There might be a snow trip sometime in January/February, potentially to Big Levels - it will depend on SNOW! Soooo, THINK SNOW!!!

Hunter reminded everyone that Big Dogs Ice Breaker is just around the corner - start planning now!

Jay decided to remain consistent and had nothing to report.

On behalf of the entire club, Melissa presented Jimmy and Carla with a pictorial collage of MAJ wheeling trips, to wish them all the best in PA! With no other items to discuss, Cory closed the meeting around 7:30 P.M.

Everyone was invited to Tims place for a barbeque and sending off party for the Todd family.