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Jeep Type 98 TJ Wrangler
Engine 2.5L of pure four-banging Jeep excitement!
Transmission AX-5
Transfer Case NP-231
Rear Axle Dana 35c (sigh) but not for much longer!
Front Axle Dana 30
Wheels / Tires 15x8 AR767 wheels with 32x11.5 Goodyear MT/Rs
Suspension / Lift / Shocks Rusty's 3" lift with Rusty's Hydro shocks
Current Projects / Future Projects Current: Dana 44 in my garage waiting on 4.88 gears. Also 4.88s for front D-30. Possible lockers for one or both.
Future: front cage, another 3/4" of suspension lift, 1" body lift, 33" tires, flat t/case skid, SYE, CV driveshaft.
Other Stuff About My Jeep Turbo City sidebars, Tomken gas tank and steering skids, Teraflex rear disc brake conversion, Teraflex second generation QDs, AFM4x4 control arm bracket skids, custom hi-lift mount, Radio Shack CB radio and antenna.
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